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  Comprehensive Investment Management Services
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Families and Individuals
We will help you develop a plan to
manage the growth and distribution of
your financial assets. You can rely
on us for effective strategies around:
• wealth management
• college planning
• tax reduction strategies
• trust and estate planning
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Retirement Planning
We will help you identify your retirement
goals, and then identify the right tools
to help you achieve those goals.
Those could include:
• traditional and Roth IRAs
• rollover options
• guaranteed income solutions
• distribution-focused strategies
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Corporate and Business Partnerships
Our team can help your business select
and implement investment tools for your
employees. We have relationships with
many reputable firms that can provide
services such as:
• 401(k) plans
• profit sharing plans
• asset management

Abbit Management Corp. is an investment management organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. This registration is not intended to imply a level of skill or training.